The people you meet and know are everything.

Contaclidate was born as a result of an honest pain. As serial entrepreneurs, we met thousands of people across the globe, some just for a second, which left a massive impact, and others in long-term work relationships.

We went through many intros over email, iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, LinkedIn, and many other platforms—contacts scattered across all, as the phone number is stored on iCloud, email on Gmail, and so on.

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Relationships = Business

We all know that a good network and connections store excellent business opportunities. We invest so much in having them by getting the best intro to the right person at the most accurate time, and when we have it done, the contact is flushed away in the rapid stream of work.

Returning to those neglected contacts is challenging and requires a considerable amount of brain processing time. Each of us has our own practices, and some even use a CRM solely for that purpose.

We decided to build a specific tool, less massive than a CRM, tailored for CONTACTS rather than just CUSTOMERS. Contaclidate is a Contacts Relationship Management ("CRM") built for executives and professionals who heavily rely on networking and their address book.

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