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Google Other Contacts

By Contaclidate Support Team,

"Google Other Contacts" refers to a feature in Google Contacts. Google Contacts allows users to manage their contacts online and associate them with Gmail and mobile devices.

Contacts stored in Google Contacts are those specifically chosen to be added as a contact object or those involved in a meaningful volume of communication between the account owner and the contact.

However, many scattered contacts engaged by users are not designated as contact objects but are instead left in a bucket called "Other Contacts."

The term "Other Contacts" refers to contacts that may not be in the primary contacts list but are still accessible and manageable through Google Contacts, and are also accessible throughout the Gmail recipient, CC, and BCC bars.

Other Contacts App

Google Other Contacts hold a treasure - business introductions, investor correspondents, prospects, all considered as 'others.'

Nowadays, as time swiftly passes, many business leaders do not take the time to create a Contact object, thereby relegating the contact to the 'others' bucket.

Creating a Contact from Other Contact

Users can transform an 'Other Contact' into a 'Contact' using Google's Contacts web application:

  1. 1. Visit the 'Others' tab in the Google Contacts app.
  2. 2. Select a contact from the list.
  3. 3. Click 'Save contact' in the buttons group at the top right corner of the table.